Make a Damn Plan


October has been a bummer month for me. I don’t know why. I love fall. I love the leaves, the cooler weather, eating soup and drinking red wine. Fall is the time Daniel and I watch You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally and soon we will be watching Love Actually and The Muppets’ Christmas Carol (which, PS, is the best version of A Christmas Carol). Yet here I am feeling like a heap of blah.

It doesn’t help that I really haven’t been writing on account of… I don’t know… maybe a curse.

The truth is, know exactly all the stuff I need to be doing to start feeling optimistic again: go to the gym regularly, get back to eating the way that makes my body feel its best, get rid of that pile of papers we have stacked in front of the bookshelf, finally get around to cleaning out under the sink, start writing again, keep reading interesting books, get back into meditating.

But here I am. Let me take another sip of my martini.

After a month of bleh I am going to make November a month of action. When I talked to my friend Kathryn at the beginning of October, she said she was making October a month of positivity and I thought oooo me too. Ha. But I mean it now. I’ve moped, I’ve watched Gilmore Girls, I’ve had the good wine (will continue having the good wine) (by good wine I of course mean that we have now graduated to wine that costs between $10-$17 instead of $7-$10), I have complained, Lord have I complained.

I used to get subscriptions to Food and Wine and Bon Appetit. But after a few years, I was swimming in magazines and wasn’t really reading them. So I cancelled my subscriptions and have been slowly going through them, ripping out pages of things I want to make and putting them in a binder. In an old November issue of Bon Appetit, there is an article about how to win Thanksgiving. The article, had this advice which I remember reading and would repeat to myself occasionally when needed: Make. A. Damn. Plan. When I came across it while cleaning out the magazines, I cut it out and put it on my bulletin board. I thought about that today while moping/complaining. There’s a place for moping/complaining. I think it can be very helpful. But for me, for this, a month is plenty long enough. Now I’m going to Make. A. Damn. Plan.

Stay tuned.


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