Honesty Time

Here’s the thing. I started this blog thinking all these great and wonderful things about it. I did this once before with a different blog. And now, now I don’t feel great and wonderful things about it. What’s the point? What I am doing? What am I trying to accomplish here? I don’t have answers to any of those questions and I feel like I really should. So I am going to take a couple of weeks to think about it. And you might be thinking, wait, haven’t you not put anything on here for a couple of weeks? Yes but this is different you see, because this is on purpose.

I finally finished editing my book and that feels so good. I am not going to work on it again until March 1. In the meantime, I have dusted off an old project I’ve worked on on and off for years. It’s this phase in my life’s white whale. It’s a Christmas novel, and I want it to have a certain feeling. A quality. A kind of quirky magic. I want it to be like How the Grinch Stole Christmas meets A Charlie Brown Christmas meets The Life Aquatic meets A Christmas Carol the book meets The Muppets Christmas Carol the movie meets the Pas de deux from the Nutcracker, but the music bit not the ballet bit. It feels impossible to grasp. But I feel closer to it.

So I’m going to write and read and do some real good thinking. I’ll see you in the New Year.